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Find the Deep Happiness We All Want

The popular influential pastor and host of Hillsong Channel’s Real with Daniel Fusco and Jesus is Real Radio combines the most famous teachings of Jesus and the Apostle Paul to deliver nine lessons on living a more beautiful life–and finding the deep happiness we all want.

The Story Behind Crazy Happy

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About the Book

"Blessed are the meek..." and "The fruit of the Spirit is love..." So begin The Beatitudes and the Fruit of the Spirit, two of the most beloved passages in the Bible.

Each provides incredible wisdom about what makes for a good life. But what happens when we bring these nine teachings and nine fruit together? An incredible biblical synergy that forms a beautiful and surprising invitation to the deep happiness we desire. It’s so simple and so profound we might even be tempted to call it “crazy.”

With wit and wisdom, clarity and conviction, Pastor Daniel Fusco unpacks these key teachings of Jesus and Paul for everyday readers with a fresh, redemptive arc toward a blessed future. 

He shows us nine countercultural ways our lives change for good when we learn to see the world like Jesus does, making fresh spiritual connections that can transform our lives for the healthier and happier. Spiritually rich and practically accessible, Crazy Happy will change the way you see yourself, your family, your neighbors, your enemies, and yes, even God.

Praise for Crazy Happy

Not every day feels crazy happy or truly beautiful, but in this book, Daniel brings an incredible perspective shift that will open your eyes and realign your steps to see and walk in the truth that your life, the way God sees it, is truly beautiful.
Levi and Jennie Lusko
Lead Pastors of Fresh Life Church and authors of 'I Declare War' and 'The Fight to Flourish'
Daniel does a great job in this encouraging, fast-paced, and biblically centered book to remind us of Jesus’s most famous words, Paul’s important teachings, and God’s magnificent outline for a beautiful, happy, and fulfilling life.
Luis Palau
Unpacking the Beatitudes, Daniel dishes out a literary meal that is both beautiful and practical. If you want the unshakable happiness Jesus has for you, this book can show you the way.
Tim Timberlake
lead pastor of Celebration Church, Jacksonville, and author of Abandon
With wit and warmth, Daniel Fusco unpacks the connection between Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount and Paul’s fruit of the Spirit to lead us to understand how we can be truly happy.
Roma Downey
Emmy-nominated actress, producer, and New York Times bestselling author

Daniel Fusco has been a friend of ours for years Daniel’s life embodies the message of Crazy Happy—he lives in the beautiful and joy-filled way he describes here. This is a book that is sure to bless you!
Jeremy Camp
Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter
Daniel Fusco reminds us that when we learn to rest in who we are instead of in what we do, we find deep, long-lasting happiness. Daniel’s joy and humility illuminate our journey together toward all that God has for his people.
Greg Laurie
senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship

About the Author

Daniel Fusco grew up in a nominal Catholic family, and never heard much about Jesus. Because of faithful people sharing with him the truth about who Jesus is, he came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in 1998 and soon after answered God’s call to pastoral ministry. He currently serves at the Lead Pastor at Crossroads Community Church. You can learn more about Daniel’s story by visiting his website.